My Teaching Philosophy

The Role of a Violin Teacher is to:


Primarily, students are motivated when they see progress. Learning to play correctly the first time and avoiding bad habits helps maintain an enjoyable learning experience. The teacher’s proficiency on the violin is vital in order to demonstrate what the student may one day sound like.


Music and sports have much in common. They both involve mental and physical training. As in sport, to achieve one’s best in music it is important to have a good coach. Coaching in music includes demonstration, adjustment of playing position and movement, and helping the student set and achieve goals to name a few examples.


No one can guarantee that learning the violin is going to be easy, but it is going to be worth the effort. It is important to have a teacher who can look past the challenges of today and see the potential of tomorrow.

Keep it Fun

No matter what a students’ goals may be, it is vital that the learning process is engaging and enjoyable!